Responding to the great resignation & quiet quitting of young professionals & entrepreneurs through Coworking & Collaborative Workspaces

Europe lags behind in employee engagement, scoring only 14% compared to 33% in the US and Canada, with significant resignation rates post-COVID, particularly in Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands (Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report, 2022). Coworking and collaborative workspaces (CWS) show promise in supporting employees, freelancers, and new creators, yet there are gaps in providing vocational training for young professionals adapting to these environments.

In response to the evolving work landscape, the RE-WORK initiative aspires to revolutionise how young professionals and entrepreneurs engage with their work, embracing flexibility, community, and innovation in the face of great resignation and quiet quitting.

Our Goals

Introduce bottom-up, needs-based Coworking and CWS methods and models;

Build the knowledge and capacity of VET providers and trainers;

Raise awareness among young professionals.