Skills Roadmap for VET providers

A set of attractive, innovative and tailor-made VET resources and tools to introduce and promote Coworking and Collaborative Workspaces (CWS). The project aims to identify the main learning mismatches and skills gaps among the beneficiaries of the project, and produce a digital Skills Roadmap (in 6 languages – DE, EE, EL, ES, NL, PT) to guide VET providers to adjust their learning offers.

Good Practice Guide & Recommendations for VET providers

The project aims to develop recommendations for VET providers in order to overcome the challenges and address the learning needs of professionals in an efficient manner, and increase the quality of the offered VET programmes in the field of collaborative business models. The recommendations will include proposed relevant learning opportunities for professionals, including an outline for content and training methodologies for VET education. This will form a “Good Practice Guide and Recommendations for VET providers”, an online brochure in 6 languages.

VET Resource Kit

RE-WORK training resources for VET providers and trainers in 6 languages. Partners will develop a VET resource kit that will include:

a) Trainers’ handbook on Coworking and CWS for young professionals, on topics including business models and solutions; flexible working methods and innovative new work environments; self-employment in collaborative frameworks; and social entrepreneurship and CWS.

b) Experiential training exercises on: raising awareness on quiet quitting, collaborative work, sharing economy; bottom-up and user-driven coworking, creating and leading CWS; CWS and social entrepreneurship; collaborative creation and codesign labs, etc.

c) Lessons & Workshop plans.